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After a brief period in which it appeared to be a done deal that Tony Romo would be released by the Dallas Cowboys, the team is still reportedly interested in trading him before taking that drastic measure. The veteran quarterback would obviously have some value on the market but, in the same breath, his age and injury history do limit the pool of teams that might be interested in giving up real assets to acquire him via trade.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle brings word that the Houston Texans are not among that group of teams.

The Texans will not trade for Romo, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, according to two people familiar with the situation. But if he’s released, they’ll pursue him.

Romo has been rumored as a target for the Texans in free agency and that speculation grew even more after the wild trade of Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. Still, this is cut and dry with regard to the possibility of Houston trading for Romo, and they appear willing to wait it out to see if the former Pro Bowler actually hits the free agent market.

With a ready-made roster, the Texans join the Denver Broncos as the two destinations that make the most sense for Romo and, as such, this is an ongoing story that is worth monitoring.

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