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Former NFL defensive back Antonio Cromartie may need another job soon.

The 32-year-old former NFL standout has reportedly gotten his wife pregnant again despite getting a vasectomy, per TMZ.

Cromartie’s wife had twins back in May 2016 and it will be his 14th child.

Cromartie ran into money issues last year after he reportedly bought a home for his mother in 2007.

He was released by the Jets in February last year and had asked his mother to start paying the $700 per month rent, according to a report by TMZ. She reportedly refused to because it was a “gift.” He signed on with the Indianapolis Colts shortly before he was released last year.

Cromartie’s past children have racked up quite the bill, costing the star defensive back $336,000 a year for eight children he pays child support for — or $3,500 a month, per the New York Post.

Life after football is not treating the professional baby maker well.

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