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Not so fast.

On Monday, MMQB caused quite the stir when it reported that Colin Kaepernick may be ready to walk away from the NFL.

But today is Tuesday, which means another report, and this one contradicts the MMQB piece.

We have not heard directly from Kaepernick yet, but this comes as close as we have so far, and refutes this: 

I spent a long draft weekend with the Niners in California, and there are those in the building who think Kaepernick might actually rather do social justice work full-time than play quarterback.

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Peter King, in the story, did note that:

It’s crazy that a quarterback who four years ago was coming off a Super Bowl appearance and looked to be a long-term answer has no team now and no hot NFL prospects that anyone can see.

So yes, it is crazy he hasn’t gotten a chance — if he wants one. Until we hear from someone on the record, it’s hard to do anything but speculate as to why he hasn’t.

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