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Where have you gone, Mr. Football Jersey?

Tom Brady’s football jersey, the one he wore in Super Bowl LI, disappeared from his bag after Sunday’s game, which has set off a tizzy.

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But now, a report at says authorities hope they’re going to find it …

.. on the equipment truck headed back to Massachusetts.

That 18-wheeler is still in transit, and, according to the report, wasn’t thoroughly searched before leaving Houston.

But, Mike Florio of ProFoottball talk raises an interesting point. It seems fairly unlikely someone took the jersey from Brady’s bag without telling him and put it on the truck. This could be a way, Florio speculates, of giving the jersey thief a chance to discreetly put it on the truck so everyone goes away happy.

We’ll see what happens when the truck reaches it final destination. Until then, JerseyGate continues.

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