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It looks like two underrated suitors are quickly emerging to land former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson.

According to Stacey Dales of CBS Sports, the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks are quickly emerging as “desirable” destinations for the soon-to-be free agent running back.

Peterson, 31, was reportedly interested in joining the Raiders specifically off of the strength of their offensive line. Coming off a 12-4 season — which ended in the Playoffs after a Derek Carr injury — the Raiders are a really young, tantalizing option for any aging star.

Peterson’s 2016 season was cut short thanks to a meniscus injury, and the Vikings allowed the star running back to test the free agent market this year.

On the Jerry Jones front

Ezekiel Elliott led the NFL in rushing in 2016 as a rookie, and Peterson led the league in rushing the year before. Unless Peterson would play for a lower salary, the pairing of Dallas and Peterson might not be an ideal match despite Jerry Jones’ desire to bring him in.

If Peterson was fine with being the backup running back and making less money, the move might make sense for the Texas native. But if Peterson wants to be a starter and/or wants a high salary, he’ll probably be forced to look somewhere other than Dallas.

Patriots a possibility?

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora questions in a recent column that details how the former standout running back simply isn’t in a position to demand big-time deals any longer and how he may have to settle for a bargain deal.

“Could the Patriots make a value play for Peterson (LeGarrette Blount is a free agent)? It fits their model, but I’m not sure the tape would spur Bill Belichick to make that move, as much as he loves to get veterans on the cheap late in their careers.”

Peterson wasn’t great in his first season over 30 years old, rushing for 72 yards over three games and putting up career lows across the board. Whether that was from not having Teddy Bridgewater to take pressure off of the running game or what, AP looked horrendous before suffering what became a season-ending torn meniscus.

He is a former MVP, seven-time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro, with a 2,000-yard season under his belt. Could he have a career revitalization in New England a la Randy Moss? Nothing is for sure, but we’d be willing to bet he’d have another standout year behind the greatest of all-time.

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