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Redskins linebacker Su’a Cravens suffered a concussion in a collision with a Cleveland running back in Week 4, and just announced Wednesday that he needs to wear glasses full-time as a result.

“Due to my concussion my eyes have lost the memory to keep track of moving objects, so I have to wear [glasses] for the rest of my life,” he announced in a video on his Snapchat account Wednesday.

An unnamed source with knowledge of the situation is disputing Cravens’ assertion, saying there’s no evidence to suggest he needs to wear glasses. Meanwhile, Cravens’ post on the issue has reportedly been deleted. The 21-year-old has not commented since and you have to wonder what would motivate him to make up such a story.

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It’s really a startlingly serious claim —the idea that he would be required to permanently wear glasses could put his football future at risk.

In any event, Cravens went into the NFL’s concussion protocol following the Cleveland game and is currently still in the protocol. It’s worth noting, he could reportedly be cleared as early as Thursday.

Stay tuned for this one, because it’s turning into front page stuff.