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Colin Kaepernick’s first NFL start of 2016 came, and like it has much of the season, the majority of the reaction has revolved around his national anthem protests and the way fans responded.

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This week in Buffalo, Bills fans made controversial shirts with crosshairs on Kaepernick’s face, called him a “Muslim” and booed the quarterback while he kneeled. Kaepernick responded to the boos, but not quite how former All-Pro tight end Shannon Sharpe did on Monday, where he called out those who chanted “USA” at the quarterback.

Sharpe then questioned whether those same fans would chant that at a KKK rally before giving some key advice to Kaepernick on tuning out the critics.

For arguments sake, Kaepernick is not Muslim and he’s mentioned numerous times his love and appreciation for living in the United States. Kaepernick has continued his controversial kneeling as a statement against the “oppression of black people.”

The 49ers will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday, where Kaepernick will receive the start.

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