Aaron Hernandez’s death has been widely reported as a suicide and evidence leans in that direction. However, a member of Hernandez’s legal team floated the possibility of foul play and that got the wheels churning with regard to a potential conspiracy.

However, Bristol county sheriff Thomas Hodgson doesn’t appear to see it that way and he said as much on Wednesday’s episode of CSNNE’s Boston Sports Tonight. brings word:

“Certainly, there’s always the possibility that something different could happen. I think we have to wait for the state police’s independent investigation to come out. They’ll do a thorough job. They always do. Based on what I know so far and the things that I’ve seen, it’s highly unlikely that that was the case, particularly because he had barricaded himself inside his cell, which is an indication he didn’t want anyone to get to him in time — that this was something he wanted to make happen and be sure that it was carried out.”

Hodgson’s indication that foul play is “highly unlikely” seems to be in line with the consensus, but it won’t slow down folks who are firmly entrenched on the opposite side. At some point, the book will be shut on this case but, until then, Hodgson and others will have to speak in generalities.

Sheriff speaks out on the potential of foul play in Aaron Hernandez’s reported suicide Jared Wickerham/Getty Images
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