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Skip Bayless has Takes, and Dez Bryant is not a fan of them.

Bayless criticized Bryant on his new Fox Sports show “Undisputed,” saying the Cowboys are better off without the “old Dez Bryant.”

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“I hope Dez Bryant is getting the message that the Cowboy world no longer revolves just around him,” Bayless said. “I’m hoping the Dez cloud is starting to lift off the Dallas Cowboys because these are the new Dallas Cowboys. I’m not saying that they’re gonna be better off without Dez Bryant, I’m saying they’ll be better off without the old Dez Bryant.”

Bryant responded by calling Bayless a bandwagon fan, which Skip immediately refuted.

Of course, Dez was ready for this response, and he did what anyone in a Twitter argument would do by finding an old Bayless tweet from 2009 where he stated the exact opposite of what he claimed to Bryant.

Bryant added one last tweet for good measure:

Dez 1, Skip 0.

(h/t USA Today)