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The Cleveland Browns traded for Brock Osweiler a second-round pick, have Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan on the roster and apparently are targeting Geno Smith as a potential starter, per Ian Rapoport.

Smith is coming off an ACL tear, which ended his up-and-down four-year tenure in New York.

The former Jets starter started 30 games, throwing for just under 6,000 yards, 28 touchdowns and 36 interceptions. He had a 12-18 record over his tenure.

As a rookie, Kessler finished the season with 1,380 yards passing, six touchdowns and two interceptions. Hogan completed 14 passes for 104 yards and two interceptions.

There are certainly plenty of other options for the Browns to go. They could keep Osweiler instead of cutting him (which is currently what’s expected with his bloated $16 million salary). Cleveland also could bite the bullet and cash in its assets for Jimmy Garoppolo, assuming Bill Belichick accepts an insane offer.

Or the Browns could keep treading water until they hit on a draft pick (translation: franchise quarterback) and then built around him. Until then, the future looks bleak.

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