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The Seattle Seahawks could be in trouble for failing disclose an injury to star cornerback Richard Sherman.

Head coach Pete Carroll told ESPN Radio that Sherman had an MCL injury the second half of the season. While Sherman got days off during the season, the Seahawks reported that the time off was not injury related.

That’s a problem, as per the NFL injury report rules:

Carroll later said, “Honestly, I didn’t realize that we hadn’t revealed it,” he said during his afternoon press conference. “I don’t even remember what game it was — somewhere in the middle. He was fine about it. He didn’t miss anything.”

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Still, NFL teams are supposed to report injuries, even if the injuries only result in missed practices.

Will the league discipline the Seahawks? Who knows. 247 Sports reported that, in 2015, the Indianapolis Colts didn’t discuss the full extent of Andrew Luck’s injuries, but the league decided not to take action.

 The league had a similar situation in 2015 with the Indianapolis Colts failing to disclose all of Andrew Luck’s ailments; however the league decided not to render punishment in that instance. Still, the league has already disciplined the Seahawks for an OTA violation, so that could cause the league to come down harder.
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