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Antonio Brown’s Facebook live video of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ locker room was entertaining, but the video received the most attention due to coach Mike Tomin’s comments on the New England Patriots.

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Tomlin had some choice words for the Patriots, whom the Steelers will play on Sunday. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked about Brown’s video and Tomlin’s comments during his weekly appearance on WEEI, and he said a video like that would never happen under Bill Belichick.

“That’s against our team policy, so I don’t think that would go over well with our coach,” Brady said. “Every coach has a different style. Our coach, he’s been in the league for 42 years and he’s pretty old school. He’s not into social media and I think he lets everyone know that. I think our team has a policy, we don’t show anything that should be private because he feels when we are inside our stadium, inside the walls, there has to be a degree of privacy that we have. What’s done in the locker room should stay in the locker room.”

It wasn’t that Tomlin’s comments were out of line—Belichick has probably made similar comments about opponents on multiple occasions. The fact that Brown thought it was a good idea to video the comments of his head coach is problematic, and is something the Patriots would never do thanks to Belichick’s strict social media policy.

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