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The Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers have had carbon copy seasons to this point and according to some fans onĀ Reddit, it’s beginning to get a little weird.

Both lost in primetime of Week 1 to two teams that played in the AFC Championship, the Cardinals to the Patriots and the Panthers to the Broncos; both had resounding wins in Week 2, Arizona stomped the Buccaneers 40-7, while the Panthers handled the 49ers 46-27; and both teams lost in Week 3, the Cardinals 33-18 to the Bills, Carolina 22-10 to the Vikings.

In Week 4, there were more eerie coincidences. Both teams lost to a division rival, Carolina got beat by Atlanta 48-33 and Arizona lost to the Rams 17-13; both teams lost their starting quarterbacks to a concussion in the fourth quarters of their respective games and both backup quarterbacks threw interceptions that ended up costing their team the game.

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And on a more cellular level, both Carson Palmer and Cam Newton have thrown 6 touchdowns to 5 interceptions.

As uncanny as all this might seem, it can’t go on forever. And not just because most of us don’t believe in the supernatural. The Cardinals and the Panthers square off, appropriately enough, on Halloween eve.