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Rumors sprang up all day Thursday that discord had taken over the Chicago Blackhawks locker room.  Just one day removed from finding out they would be without Patrick Kane for 12 weeks, the Blackhawks saw reports flying from multiple sources saying that disagreement, discord and literal fighting had broken out within the team. CBS Chicago radio host Dan Bernstein and former NFL player/current Fox color analyst David Diehl who has ties to the Blackhawks, both independently reported the supposed infighting.

If any of this is true the team is bottling it up quick. Head coach Joel Quenneville said any fight “is news to me” and Jonathan Toews also denied the reports.

It makes you wonder why two respected members of the Chicago broadcast community would report this if it wasn’t true.  Making up claims such as these would definitely make working within the Chicago sports market more difficult if the claims are false.  We’ll see what Bernstein and Diehl have to say about this situation tomorrow.