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Star players don’t fight much, but Thursday night was an exception for the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby.  Crosby got tangled up against the boards with the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Brandon Dubinsky.  Dubinsky hit Crosby along the boards and tried to keep Crosby pinned there and Crosby took exception to it. It wasn’t much of a fight, but it was a fight none the less and it makes Crosby’s sixth regular season fight in 604 games.  If that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s because it isn’t.

Before you bash Crosby to hard for being “soft” or “sheltered” consider that according to Alex Ovechkin has had two fights, Jonathan Toews 3, Claude Giroux 4, Steven Stamkos 1, and Patrick Kane has zero fights.  So just remember that star players, no matter their name or team, do not fight.  So the fact that Crosby fought at all is something to behold. Here’s Dubinsky after the game.

Maybe of more importance to the Penguins (32-17-9) is the fact that they loss to the Blue Jackets (26-27-3) 2-1 Thursday seeing them fall to the fourth spot in the Metropolitan Division.