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Dennis Wideman’s dirty hit on linesman Don Henderson is more than just a dirty play–it’s causing quite the legal stir between the NHL and NHLPA.

Initially, the NHL handed Wideman a 20-game suspension for this hit on Henderson:

Naturally, the NHLPA appealed the suspension in hopes for it’s reduction. That led to an arbitrator siding with the NHLPA, ultimately reducing the 20 games to 10. Now, the NHL is firing back.

“We believe that Arbitrator Oldham, in reaching his decision, exceeded his contractual authority by failing to properly apply the parties’ collectively bargained standard of review,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said.

“Today’s action was motivated primarily by our regard for the collective bargaining process and the importance of maintaining and safeguarding the parties’ reasonable expectations arising from the agreements made in that process.”

Though Wideman had already served 19 of the 20 games before the reduction, the NHL is still moving on with the legal process, as Wideman only forfeited half of the expected $564,516 he was supposed to forfeit due to the suspension.

Wideman contends he “had no intent on hitting Donnie at all.”

Let’s hope the NHL wins this one. There’s no place in the game for crap like this.

[h/t NBC Sports]

The NHL is really angry at a suspension ruling on a  dirty hit, and it’s going to war

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