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It appears that WWE may have made a change to the announce table on Monday Night RAW that should be beneficial to the television program.

Color commentator David Otunga took a hiatus from the RAW announce desk two months ago in order to film a movie, and Otunga was replaced in the spot by former 6-time World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. Otunga was expected to return to the announce desk two weeks ago, but according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer (subscription require), shooting for the film he’s involved with is still on-going.

Meltzer also mentions that the reception to Booker T back at the announce desk has been positive enough that the company could keep him there instead of bringing Otunga back.

SlamBuzz’s Take

Otunga is awful at commentary. There’s no way around this, as the former in-ring competitor just doesn’t bring any sort of positive trait to the RAW announce team. Counterparts Michael Cole and Corey Graves dominate the conversation whenever Otunga is there, and Otunga doesn’t have the enthusiasm to make himself a part of that conversation.

Booker T, however, is full of enthusiasm that is palpable throughout the show. Pro wrestling is supposed to be a fun experience, and Booker T makes that happen with his excited commentary. WWE should keep Booker at the announce desk for as long as he wants to be there, and find something else for Otunga to do.

Hell, even if Booker T doesn’t want to be there, just go to a two-man crew of Cole and Graves. The two-man desk works better anyways, and Otunga would just actively bring down the level of commentary.

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