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Former WWE NXT and Divas champion Paige might be closing in on her return to WWE after missing a significant amount of time due to injury.

Paige took to both her Twitter account and Instagram to update the WWE Universe on her current status, and it appears to be positive. Having been sidelined for months because of a serious injury, along with two Wellness suspensions, this is the best news from the Raw Women’s star in over a year.

Paige, who was drafted to Raw in 2016, hasn’t been able to regain her footing in the WWE, but perhaps with a clean bill of health soon, she can work her way back in the fold on a Raw roster that could certainly use her going forward.

Still, there are still major concerns surrounding the super talented wrestler, perhaps most notably her relationship with Alberto El Patron, so Paige may have a huge mountain to climb to get back into the good graces of WWE’s upper management team anytime soon.

Paige also had a series of controversial personal photos and videos leaked earlier in the year, meaning their could be some hesitation from WWE with how she is brought back.

Still, Paige is an incredibly talented worker, and it’d be great to see a still very young talent like her be able to get back into the ring and get her career back on track.

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