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It looks like one of WWE’s top stars could be in line for a return soon after what many perceived as a retirement.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is throwing around a lot of hints for the Undertaker to return for a rematch of the WrestleMania 33 main event against Roman Reigns at this year’s SummerSlam in Brooklyn. The speculation is that Roman Reigns’ schedule announcement on the June 19 episode of Monday Night RAW could lead to the buildup for the match.

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While acknowledging the rumor, the Wrestling Observer did not confirm that the Undertaker is scheduled to return.

While the Undertaker has a presence that no other WWE superstar has, his return could spoil what many perceived to be a fitting retirement in WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. After the loss to Reigns at that show, Undertaker left his trademark attire in the ring before descending down a trap door in the ramp to close the show.

The Undertaker is a four-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he has been with WWE since 1990. If he returns, he will again be the longest-tenured WWE superstar.

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