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You have to feel for Rich Moore.

The England native had broken up with his girlfriend and was furious that she quickly moved on to another guy, according to a report in The Sun. As he was going through their old apartment to collect his belongings, he became enraged and destroyed his ex’s expensive sunglasses and her sex toy.

The reason?

“She loved the dildo more than me, that’s why I got the hump with it,” The Sun quoted Moore as saying.

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The report says Moore was charged with criminal damage and admitted responsibility in court. He’s out on bail until his next court appearance, scheduled for this week.

Moore said the whole episode is stupid, and told the Sun:

“I told the police I had broken the dildo and offered to pay for it to save us all going to court but they weren’t having it. I wanted to go to court with a T-shirt saying Save The Dildos but I decided it was probably best not to.”

Good move, Rich.