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A zombie apocalypse might be something we all like to hypothesize on, but one Minnesota man took his fear of the walking dead a huge leap further.

Ryan Stanislaw was arrested after allegedly firing into a home while “hunting zombies” recently, Fox 9 News reports.

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According to Police, the 24-year-old, strapped with a loaded AR-15 Bushmaster assault rifle and 30-rounds of bullets marketed anti-zombie ammunition, fired at what he said was “a zombie,” the bullet shattered the window of his neighbor, Ken Quaale, who was sleeping.

“I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe,” Stanislaw told police via Fox 9 News, “I didn’t see the cops so I figured I’d do something.”

Stanislaw was convicted of terroristic threats in September and is not allowed to possess a firearm. His mom says that he does not have a history of mental illness, according to the complaint report.

He faces charges of endangering safety and possession of a firearm. He’s in jail on $100,000 bond.