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Warning: video contains graphic footage of injuries — there are also graphic photos in this story.

Todd Orr has amassed 17 million views on Facebook in less than 24 hours with just one video.

Why? Because Todd Orr made a short video detailing the circumstances of a grizzly bear attack that had just taken place, leaving him bloody and injured but, miraculously, alive.

“Just had a grizzly with two cubs come at me from 80 yeards. And, uh, I sprayed the shit out of her with bear spray,” says Orr, panting and visibly shaken from the encounter.

“She got my head good, I don’t know what’s under my hat, my ear, my arm,” he says holding his ripped up arm up to the camera. That looks like it’s got to hurt bad.

He goes on to assure viewers that his legs and internal organs are, thankfully, both fine.

Facebook users were quick to comment on how badass Orr is for not only surviving an attack like this, but maintaining his calm throughout a minute-long video immediately following such a harrowing moment.

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Orr also shared some graphic images once he got himself to a hospital.

Hats off to you, Todd Orr! Get well soon.