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A teacher in Chicago has been accused of having sex with two of her students on the same day in her classroom.

Authorities allege June Kendall, a science teacher at Urban Prep Academy (an all boys school), seduced the 17-year-old boys after sending them racy selfies via Snapchat.

According to the police report via The Chicago TribuneKendall had sex with one of the Urban Prep students during school hours in a room off of her classroom this fall.

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Then, earlier this month, they allegedly had sex again in the same place after swapping Snapchat messages. A witness saw them leaving her classroom after being alone for 20 to 25 minutes, prosecutors said.

Later, after school finished, the 29-year-old science teacher allegedly had sex with the second boy in her room and he told a friend about it afterwards.

Urban Prep Academy (photo: Google Maps)

Kendall is on administration leave after being charged with two counts of sexual assault. She is being held on $100,000 bond and scheduled to go before the judge again soon.

The school reported they hired an independent investigator to carry out an internal probe.