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In July 2013, Wesley Baker had a full life ahead of him. He was a high school football player with dreams of playing in college.

However, all of that changed in an instant when he was hit by an 18-wheeler while walking along a highway.

Somehow, he survived the horrific accident, but unfortunately lost his leg, suffered brain damage and sustained other serious injuries.

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Doctors told his parents he would never walk again, but through hard work and endurance, he made tremendous progress and even managed to attend football games along the way.

But this past Friday, he hit a major milestone. While attending a football game at Conway High School, he was able to stand for the national anthem for the first time since his accident.

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His mother, Debra Phipps, shared her joy about this specific milestone on Facebook.

I cant even begin to tell you all how I felt, A moms dreams to see her son stand, and one day walk! A huge milestone! Wesley did it!!!! Chuck thank you so much for capturing all Wesleys special moments for 7 years! We love you all! Thank you all for sharing, praying and believing one day Wesley would be able to do this! I hope you all feel as blessed just seeing this! Always fight never give up!” she wrote in post.

While many have knelt during the national anthem in recent weeks as a form of protest, this young man was just happy to, literally, have the ability to stand for his country.