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Warning: Some will find this hard to watch

Arteval Duarte is an activist who brings attention to deforestation issues in Brazil. He’s also known for the occasional stunt, and this one went very wrong.

In this video, you can see Durate put a tarantula in his mouth — I guess he was hungry. Some reports say he was trying to eat the thing, but maybe it was the first part of an ill-advised stunt. Maybe he was trying to put the snake in his mouth so the snake could get a snack.

Didn’t work.¬†As Duarte pulls the snake towards his face, it clamps down on his nose and lip, while the tarantula slithers up the side of his face. Duarte finally pulls the snake off, but he’s left a bloody mess.

As bad as that is, what would have happened if that snake grabbed his tongue?