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Twitter user @BillyTLacey got an opportunity to see suspended quarterback Tom Brady throwing a football at a local high school and did what any fan would do, he filmed it.

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Brady was there filming a commercial for Under Armour and like any good fan, @BillyTLacey posted the footage to his Twitter account.

ESPN’s assignment desk wanted to get a hold of the footage and asked Lacey for permission to use his video. What happened next was probably the coolest thing a fan could do.

A “nah fam” could have sufficed but Lacey wanted to stick it to ESPN as much as he could.

Many Patriots fans, like this one, feel like it was ESPN’s coverage of the Deflategate scandal that got Brady suspended in the first place.

A normal fan, like myself, would jump at the chance to have something featured on ESPN. This guy is clearly loyal to Tom, as evident by his hashtag (#loyaltytoTom) and cold blood.

[h/t Bro Bible]

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