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Those silly Aussies … always up to some sort of horse play.

This time it revolved around the renowned Karl Stefanovic of the down under version of the Today Show and a misplaced question.

To ask one if she swallows or spits is an inquiry generally reserved for a different kind of consumption and never on national television.

Sylvia Jeffreys, after all, went on assignment in perhaps the outback to demonstrate both her will and her survival instincts by chomping down on live worms … as in the long, thin insect or animal that has a soft body with no bones and often lives in the ground.

(Well, OK, granted, that could indeed be an ex-boyfriend. But, enough of the straying.)

The innocent questioner persists, apparently not aware of the double entendre or bear trap she has stepped in. Meanwhile, Sylvia, a “news presenter” and fully aware of the corner she has been backed into, emphasized that it was a worm she swallowed, though adding that it was “hard” work.

“I’m impressed that you swallowed, I really am,” says the other woman, oblivious to having stepped in a big ol’ pile of kangaroo dung.

Meanwhile, Karl Stefanovic can hardly contain himself. In fact, he can’t.