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The New England Patriots will enter week four undefeated, and all done without the guidance of Tom Brady. When he sees the field for the first time, there’s a very good chance they’ll still be undefeated.

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That’s a scary thought for the entire AFC and though Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless thinks they have a legitimate shot at 16-0, there’s one thing (team) standing in their way:

Their Dec. 18 matchup at Denver.

Brady is 2-7 against Denver for his career, with two of those losses coming last year. Bayless’ debate partner, Shannon Sharpe, was quick to point out that New England isn’t waltzing toward an undefeated record, calling him “ridiculous.”

Sure, it’s fair to bring up Brady’s record against Denver, but keep in mind that a Trevor Siemian-led Broncos team isn’t the same as one led by last season’s Peyton Manning.

[h/t Fox Sports]

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