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Aleira Avendaño of Venezuela says that the “world needs to see [her] body,” a body that has undergone more than than 20 surgeries to achieve an hourglass figure, which she regards as “the image of the perfect woman.”

Since she was 19, the model, who has appeared in Mexican Playboy, has gotten boob jobs, nose jobs, butt jobs and endured seven years of corset-wearing — 23 hours per day — to achieve her figure, which she described to the Daily Mail as “as close as I can [get] to perfection.”

Today, Avendaño has a 20-inch waist and claims “Every woman should have plastic surgery if they want to be truly beautiful.”

 “I’m not worried about going under the knife,” she told the Daily Mail. “I will have whatever kind of surgery that makes me feel better about my body.”

Avendaño, whose body was the subject of an extensive Barcroft TV interview, has been warned that her lifestyle is a dangerous one.