It’s one thing to watch WWE superstars go at it in the ring, but there’s something about them staying completely in character even via social media and getting into Twitter beefs that’s just absolutely hilarious.

Take, for example, this Twitter showdown on Wednesday night that ended in a sick burn courtesy of Chris Jericho.

It all started when WWE star Rusev made a dig at on-air commentator Renee Young over a scene on the show “Total Divas” where the two were playing basketball together.

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This then escalated into an argument between Young, who is Canadian, and Rusev over Canadians’ basketball prowess.

That’s when Chris Jericho, who also happens to be from Canada, shut Rusev down with this simple tweet.

Rusev tried to come back with an Andre the Giant reference, which pretty much failed miserably.

Canada: 1, Bulgaria: 0.

After this WWE star went after Canada, Chris Jericho was quick to shut him down Creative Commons

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