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A controversial gun bill was signed into law in Arkansas on Wednesday that will affect future football games at public universities in the state.

The bill, HB 1249, was signed by Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, and it will allow for concealed carry in and on various public spaces, including athletic venues at the University of Arkansas.

From the bill as listed on the Arkansas state website:

A licensee who completes a training course under this subsection shall be given a concealed carry endorsement by the department on his or her license to carry a concealed handgun that the person is permitted to possess and carry a concealed handgun in the buildings and on the grounds of a public university, public college, or community college.

Per the law, the referenced course will involve up to eight hours of training. The individual will then get an endorsement on their carry license to reflect the completion of the training and ability to carry on the otherwise prohibited areas.

The law officially goes into affect on Sept. 1, but it likely won’t affect campuses until next year.

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