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With 10 days left until the 2017 Royal Rumble, we’re counting down all the craziest, funniest and most timeless Rumble moments. Considering that it’s been 25 years to the date since this legendary match, it’d be wrong not to start with Ric Flair’s astounding victory at the 1992 Royal Rumble.

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At 45 years old, Flair entered at number 3 and withstood an hour in the ring as 27 more entrants came and were eventually eliminated and the Nature Boy was left the last standing as the winner of the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. It certainly was a testament to Flair’s endurance in the ring and the promo he put on afterwards is one we’ll not soon forget. Wooooo!

This classic match is a must-watch, if not to see Flair’s amazing performance, then to see several wrestlers compete who are no longer with us such as Rowdy Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, The British Bulldog, The Texas Tornado and the more recently deceased Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. We get chills just watching it.