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Bruno Fernandes de Souza, a Brazilian goalkeeper, said he just made a mistake.


de Souza has been released from jail – The Sun says it was on a legal technicality – after serving about six years of a 22-year-sentence for ordering the murder of his then girlfriend, model Eliza Samudio. Reports say she was tortured, beaten and strangled before her body was chopped up and fed to de Souza’s Rottweilers.

At the time of her death, Samudio was suing de Souza for back child support payments.

Surprisingly, a Brazilian soccer team, Boa Esportes. has no issues with de Souza’s past, and has defiantly signed him to contract – despite the outrage the move has caused.

de Souza wasn’t too interested in answering questions about his case during a recent press conference.

But he told the Sun that, hey, people make mistakes, and he shouldn’t be prevented from living his life (even though he took one in the most heinous way possible).

De Souza reportedly told the Guardian (via the Sun):

“Dude, what happened, happened.

“I made a mistake, a serious one, but mistakes happens in life – I’m not a bad guy.

“People tried to bury my dream because of one mistake, but I asked God for forgiveness, so I’m carrying on with my career, dude.

Rone Moraes da Costa, the president of the soccer team Boa Esporte was equally as tone deaf. “If this city doesn’t like it, I move us to another city. Bruno deserves this chance,” he said in the Sun.

The team, in the Brazilian the publication Prorroga Cao, was forced to defend itself following an avalanche of complaints on social media. de Costa (translation from Portuguese) said the team has a moral obligation to give de Souza another chance. The story noted that at least one company has pulled its team sponsorship.

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