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This is a frightening situation that calls into question the competence of this mixed martial arts referee.

Ahmed Mujtaba and Rodian Menchavez squared off in the UGB MMA Championship 13 – Foreign Invasion. The UGB stands for Underground Battle, and you can see it’s Facebook page here.

During the match, Mujtaba quickly took command and put Menchavez in a choke hold. For what looks like more than 50(!) seconds,  Mujtaba choked and choked, and even appears to look at the referee as if to say, “stop this.” Finally, the fight is called, and the referee rolls Menchavez on his back. He face looks black and blue, and it takes him a few seconds before he moved — thankfully.

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Some fans were astounded. One published what she says it an account of the battle. If accurate, it says the referee wanted to givev the loser a chance to escape with his belt (I hope he meant, life).

Others were astounded:

That last tweet is right on.


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