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President-elect Donald Trump will name Woody Johnson, the owner of the NY Jets, ambassador to the United Kingdom, according to several media outlets.

Not only that, at a Thursday Luncheon, Trump appeared to announce his choice when he introduces a guest as “sitting next to the ambassador Woody Johnson, going to Saint James. Congratulations, Woody.”

The appointment could mean big changes for the Jets, because Johnson could hand over the team’s operations to someone else as he focuses on his administration duties, according to For a team that’s struggled as much as the Jets, the new operations chief could help right the franchide or set it even further back.

An NFL owner has served in an ambassador’s role before. Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney was ambassador to Ireland from 2009-2012.

Johnson was a Jeb Bush supporter who basked Trump in the general election and gave his campaign money. Still, the president-elect couldn’t help but get in a jab at his new ambassador:

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