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Louisville's major announcement has officially changed the school's history

Oh my.

Louisville used Tuesday to make an unexpected announcement, as the university has released information in regards to the school's NCAA appeal ruling.  The NCAA has upheld its initial ruling.

The NCAA in June placed Louisville on four years' probation and ordered that it vacate up to 123 victories, including the 2013 title and 2012 Final Four appearance.

After being allowed to talk following an embargo, it has been revealed that the university lost its appeal from the StripperGate saga. For those unaware, back in October of 2016, the NCAA alleged a former men's basketball assistant paid an escort service to provide strip shows and sex for recruits and other players.

During the press conference, Louisville remained adamant that the NCAA was too harsh in their punishment.

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Plenty of these issues stem from Rick Pitino. Pitino, fired prior to the start of this season, wasn't only canned for the FBI probing the school's recruiting efforts by way of a shoe apparel company funneling money to high school players. Pitino received a bit of a lifetime achievement award, as he also has one of the most infamous 15 recorded seconds of chain restaurant history, as well as the entire escort scandal.

This story remains developing. As it progresses, we will keep you updated on all relevant information.