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NCAA Reportedly Proposing 76-Team March Madness Field

The NCAA has proposed a plan to Division I conference commissioners that would increase the March Madness tournament to 72 or even 76 teams, according to reports.

The tourney currently consists of 68 teams — so that means as many as eight could be added.

"The proposals were outlined to the commissioners this week by NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt and NCAA vice president for women's basketball Lynn Holzman, the source said," the Associated Press wrote. "Under the proposal, expansion of the 68-team field included both four- and eight-team models. The NCAA would keep its 64-team bracket but would add play-in games involving the Nos. 10 through 12 seeds."

Both the men's and women's tournaments would expand under the proposal.

But wait. There's more.

"There are many in college basketball who have said they believe the 68-team fields and three weekends of play are ideal, but pressure has grown to add teams and games to one of the most popular sports events on the U.S. calendar," the AP noted. "Last year, the NCAA Division I board of directors approved recommendations that included allowing one quarter of teams in larger sports to compete in championship events; in that scenario, the March Madness tournaments could expand to nearly 90 teams."

NINETY teams? Not a terrible idea, but how long before the NCAA makes the entire season just one big, long tournament for everyone?

As with most things, this all appears to be about making more dinero.

"The NCAA is in the midst of an eight-year extension of its TV deal for the men's tournament worth $8.8 billion that runs through 2032," the AP wrote. "That would not be expected to change if a handful of teams are added."