5-year old sends UAB one dollar to try and help save the football program

A 5-year old Ohio State fan who lives in Ohio tried to do his part to help the UAB football team from shutting down. As a story by ESPN explains, Bennett Williams from Dublin, Ohio decided he liked the UAB team because the Blazers’ mascot is a dragon. When he heard that the football program would be shut down, he tried to help out by sending a dollar and this letter.

The letter reads “Dear UAB, I love Ohio State, but I think you should have football too. Here is one dollar to help! – Bennett.” It’s a pretty adorable sentiment from a kid in Ohio with no real reason to have a connection to the UAB program. If only the administration at UAB and the University of Alabama Board of Governors felt the same way.

The school did send Bennett a nice gift pack filled with UAB gear, even though the football program is no more.

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