Deshaun Watson is a quick learner

The Clemson Tigers know exactly what they have in Deshaun Watson – a bonafide star. He knew better than to think he would start right away though. He had to earn the job and it seems that Cole Stoudt did that. However, Watson has all the tools to become the quarterback fans think he is now. He can throw the ball, he’s poised, and he is a student of the game, according to ESPN. 

Ever since he came on to the Clemson campus, Watson has been studying game film and learning the offense as best he can. According to his high school coach, Bruce Miller, “He (Watson) watches game film like an NFL veteran.” It probably doesn’t hurt that he put up extraordinary numbers in high school. He finished his career with over 13,000 pass yards, 4,400 rushing yards, and 218 total TDs.

Watson will never complain about not starting or undermine the coaching staff because he knows better and is mature beyond his years. He’s been that way since he was 14 and got the starting job at Gainesville High. When Miller called Watson in to his office to give him a talk, it went down a little like this:

“Don’t get a big head.” – Miller  “I never have.” – Watson

And from there Watson has always handled success with poise. He knows what he brings to the table as far as talent and ability, but he also knows not to compromise what the team is going with Cole Stoudt as the starter. He’s perfectly content with getting his two to five drives a game and showing what he can do during that time.

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