Some South Carolina fans are pretty pissed about a noon kickoff vs Clemson

Clemson and South Carolina have a long and heated rivalry — it’s the second longest continuously running rivalry in the country — and it looks like it will get a little hotter in two weeks with a noon kickoff. It would be the sixth such kickoff for the Gamecocks this year and fans are naturally not happy about it.

One fan has gone so far as to make a petition that they are hoping will get the attention of ESPN and the university presidents to get the time changed. Here’s an update from today about the petition and what the signees are hoping to accomplish.

This petition has gotten an overwhelming amount of support from fans from all over the country. Signatures are still rolling in, and at this time over 4,000 people have signed this petition! It is clear that a new game time is a want, and it is not unprecedented to change the time of a kickoff. Many signee’s have brought up an important point: a noon game means travel plans for fans coming from Clemson become a logistical nightmare. If anyone knows who would be a primary contact in getting our petition heard, please post it. In the mean time just collecting signatures is not enough. This petition needs to be shared with ESPN, The SEC, President Pastides, Ray Tanner, and the NCAA. I still believe that the kickoff time can be moved!

I think some of this has to do with the fact that South Carolina is also 3-7 right now and has no chance at a bowl game. If I’m a Gamecock fan I would want a 9:00 AM game if I could get it. Let’s get the misery out of the way and get to the offseason already! I think a nooner is the closest thing this team will get to a mercy kill for its season because if it becomes a night game then the fans just get worked up longer throughout the day for nothing.

Of course, South Carolina always has a chance to beat Clemson just because it’s a rivalry game, but Clemson just looks too good to fall prey to a trap game like this. It should be a nice tuneup for Clemson before the ACC Championship game where the Tigers will likely meet UNC, a team who actually lost to South Carolina.

[h/t TigerNet]

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