Jimbo Fisher may leave Florida State for Texas A&M, as the rumors suggest he might, or he may not. Either way, the Seminoles look terrible after a fan was escorted out of the coach’s live weekly call-in show for asking the FSU headman about loyalty.

To be fair, the fan probably could have been more tactful in the way he asked his question.

“Jimbo, can you speak to some of the recent rumors linking you to the now vacant head coaching job at Texas A&M?” probably would have sufficed.

Then again, the fan was precisely what he was at that moment: a fan. He shouldn’t have been expected to lob a professionally thought-out question to Fisher — that’s the media’s job — and he shouldn’t have been escorted out of the room by some wanna-be tough guy FSU bouncer-in-training for simply asking a question that has been on everybody’s mind.

Here’s how it went down:

Fisher seemed to take the question in stride with a smile and a chuckle, but his FSU lackey barely let the fan get his sentence out before literally yanking the microphone out of his hand and pushing him out of the room like he was some sort of national security threat making a play on a head of state.

Heck, the guy who threw a shoe at President George W. Bush had more time to think about what he did than the poor FSU fan who simply asked his coach about the rumors that he may be bailing on his program.

This is a terrible look for Florida State, especially if Fisher does end up leaving.

(H/T CollegeFootballTalk)

Situation at Florida State is escalating, as a fan had to be physically escorted out of radio call-in show @Safid_Deen/Twitter
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