Florida State boosters never worried about Fisher, call LSU ‘no big deal anymore’

Last week, there was so much speculation surrounding LSU, Les Miles and Jimbo Fisher at Florida State. As recent as last Friday, numerous reports claimed Miles was out in Baton Rogue and Fisher was to be the next head man. However on Saturday evening after the Miles and the Tigers beat Texas A&M 19-7, LSU athletic director Joe Alleva confirmed that Miles’ job is safe in Baton Rogue, allowing a sigh of relief from both Miles and Florida State fans, who were worried to see Fisher leave Tallahassee.

Now that Fisher is sticking around, some FSU boosters have opened up about how they were feeling during the reports of Fisher heading to LSU. And according to the Palm Beach Post, they didn’t lose much sleep over the possibility whatsoever.

“LSU is no big deal anymore,” said Andy Haggard, the former chairperson of the FSU board of trustees, who runs a law firm in Coral Gables. If you’re talking about Alabama … But I wouldn’t go to Baton Rouge over Tallahassee. I don’t see LSU as any better job than Florida State. I think the opposite.”

Another booster, Carl Domino, who once served as the national chairman of Seminoles Boosters, Inc., and currently sits on its board, brings up a pretty good point — why leave the ACC to go to the SEC West? While some may be exhausted at the idea that the SEC is the so-called best conference in football, but the brand of the SEC still does have a pull in both recruiting and attracting coaches. But that dosn’t mean Fisher should up and leave the ACC, especially with the state of that conference and the success he has had in recruiting.

“I just can’t see LSU being a better job,” Domino told Tom D’Angelo. “Look at the talent Florida State has. I just can’t see it from any angle.”

During the reports of Miles’ potential departure from LSU, the speculation was that big money boosters for LSU were part of the push to get Miles out. Domino adds that at Florida State, boosters don’t have that type of influence, which if we’re being honest is probably at least a little bit of a stretch.

“The job of boosters is to raise money and support the program,” Domino said. “We’re not supposed to hire and fire the coach.

“As chairman, I would tell people that.”

Domino continued, “Our boosters are not as wealthy as Texas’ and we don’t have a T. Boone Pickens,” like Oklahoma State.

“We don’t do that at Florida State,” Pantin said about boosters overstepping their boundary. “Every time I have a concern, I talk through channels. I talk to the (athletic director) and the president.”

One thing is for certain — Florida State fans will sleep a lot easier knowing Fisher has plans to stay put right where he is.

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