Arizona State beats USC on last-second hail mary

Arizona State got throttled at home by UCLA last Thursday night. They were 11.5 point underdogs on the road at USC, and were down nine with three minutes to play. That was it. It was done.

Except this is the Pac-12, where nothing is ever done and everything you think you know is wrong. Arizona State scored in 19 seconds when down nine, got a three-and-out, and then got themselves to the USC 46 with seven seconds to play.

Most teams would maybe try a quick out and a long field goal to win. Not Todd Graham. He calls the hail mary.

asu hail mary

WHAT ARE YOU DOING, USC DEFENSIVE BACKS? SOMEONE, ANYONE WANT TO TRY AND GO AFTER THE BALL? No? Just wait for it to fall into your arms, it’s cool.

usc hail mary

Seriously, what are y’all doing here? No one is even contesting the catch. The Pac-12 is just ridiculous.

Anyways, Arizona State’s QB couldn’t even handle what just happened and just kind of dives into the turf and lies there in celebration.

asu celebration

USC bros also cannot believe it all went down like that.

usc fans

I feel you, bros. I can’t believe it either.

(GIFs via @cjzero)

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