College Football Playoff is set; Alabama and Oregon on top, committee shuts out Big 12

The inaugural College Football Playoff is set, and the Big 12 has been shut out. Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State are the four teams that will have the chance to play for the National Championship.

Alabama remains No. 1 and will face No. 4 Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day. Oregon stays at No. 2 and will face No. 3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

TCU drops from No. 3 to No. 6 behind No. 5 Baylor, and the Big 12 gets shut out of the Playoff. As I mentioned here, the Big 12 hurt itself by not naming a true champion this season, and it’s clear that played a role in keeping both Baylor and TCU out of the Playoff.

Jeff Long, the chairman of the committee, said that it was Ohio State’s performance against Wisconsin that moved them ahead of the two Big 12 teams, rather than anything Baylor or TCU did or didn’t do. However, he’s noted before that a single conference champion will be looked at more favorably than co-champions.

The biggest surprise in all of this was the bowl set up, by not setting up Alabama-Florida State in the Sugar Bowl and a traditional Rose Bowl matchup with Oregon-Ohio State.

There will certainly be plenty of debate as to who should have been in the Playoff and what seeding, so what do you think? Let us know your Top 4 in the comments.

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