College Football Viewing Guide Week 11: All the ranked matchups

Week 11 brings with it six ranked matchups that should make for a tremendous Saturday of football. This week, the best games are backloaded in the night time slate, so hopefully you can find yourself somewhere with multiple screens around 7:30 PM ET.

If you have found the Friday night games to be a nice way to lead into Saturday this season, you will probably be disappointed by tonight’s games. If you’ve got nothing better to do (like myself), then grab the bourbon and settle in for Memphis at Temple on ESPN at 7:30 ET — could be sneaky fun — and Utah State at Wyoming at 8 ET on ESPN2. I do hope you have better things to do on a Friday night, though, but if not, I’m here with you.

#12 Baylor at #15 Oklahoma – Fox Sports 1, noon 

#20 Georgia at Kentucky – ESPN, noon

#25 Wisconsin at Purdue – ESPNU, noon

Baylor/Oklahoma is definitely deserving of top billing on the noon slate. These two combined for 119 points last week and it *should* be a really fun game to watch. Georgia and Kentucky could be a competitive game and if you want to see someone rush for 300 yards then go watch Melvin Gordon against Purdue.

#10 Notre Dame at #9 Arizona State – ABC, 3:30

Texas A&M at #3 Auburn – CBS, 3:30

#23 West Virginia at Texas – Fox Sports 1, 3:30

Arizona State and Notre Dame could be fun if Sparky dictates the tempo and it could be miserable if Notre Dame just makes it a slopfest. I’m hoping for the first option, which is why I put it at the top of the list. A&M and Auburn could just become a beatdown like A&M/Alabama, but hopefully the Aggies bring some competitiveness to this one. Same can be said about the Longhorns. I don’t have high hopes for the state of Texas here.

Anything at 3:30 will be better than Michigan/Northwestern. Avoid ESPN2.

#7 Kansas State at #6 TCU – FOX, 7:30

This may be the best game of the day, it should at the least be a close game. It will almost assuredly have some weird things happen courtesy of special teams or turnovers because Bill Snyder’s involved. Really good Big 12 day again.

#5 Alabama at #16 LSU – CBS, 8:00

#14 Ohio State at #8 Michigan State – ABC, 8:00

Colorado at #19 Arizona – Pac-12 Network, 8:00

After a miserable 8 PM slate last week, this week deserves an AIR HORN PLEASE. Alabama and LSU is always a classic, and it should be electric in Death Valley. Ohio State and Michigan State is the best Big Ten game of the year and will likely decide that conference. Those two, on top of K-State and TCU, should make for a great night. Along with those great ranked games, we also could get some Pac-12 weirdness between two high scoring offenses in Colorado and Arizona.

#4 Oregon at #17 Utah – ESPN, 10:00

Utah’s defense has been very solid all season, but Oregon will be a whole other level for them. I think this could be close for awhile and if Utah can slow the game down they have a shot at keeping it close. I hope this turns into a track meet and Oregon’s offense is cooking like it was against Stanford.

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