College Football Viewing Guide Week 6: We need more TVs Edition

We’re into Week 6 of the college football season, which means we’re fully into conference schedules. This gives us a bountiful abundance of watchable football games, which is wonderful, but also a bit of a conundrum because it puts many good games on at the same time.

I’m remedying this issue by purchasing a third TV for the living room. If you have the means, I suggest adding an extra TV to your set up (whether that’s an upgrade to two or three tvs, highly suggested). If you cannot, then you’ll need to make sure the remote has fresh batteries, and get your channel flipping timing down because it’s going to be a great day of football. Week 6 has already delivered one shocker as No. 2 Oregon fell at home to Arizona on Thursday night, so this weekend is set up for craziness.

Remember folks, the key is to pace yourself and stay hydrated.

Here is your viewing guide for Week 6:

#6 Texas A&M v. #12 Mississippi State – ESPN, noon

#20 Ohio State v. Maryland – ABC, noon

Florida v. Tennessee – SEC Network, noon

We open with a great game in Starkville. Last season these two combined for 92 points and over 1000 yards of offense. As long as they all are awake for the 11 AM local kickoff, we should see plenty of points in this one. Ohio State/Maryland actually could be interesting because these are the least #B1G teams in the Big Ten. Both score lots of points and play minimal defense. Then you have Florida/Tennessee, which is better than Purdue/Illinois.

#3 Alabama v. #11 Ole Miss – CBS, 3:30 PM

#4 Oklahoma v. #25 TCU – FOX, 3:30 PM

#14 Stanford v. #9 Notre Dame – NBC, 3:30 PM

The best possible 3:30 slate for those without cable — not mentioned above is Baylor at Texas on ABC. Alabama makes the trek to Oxford for a showdown with Ole Miss with Uncle Verne and Gary on the call. That game will occupy the big TV w/ sound for me, with OU/TCU — which I think will be a lot of fun — and Stanford/Notre Dame — which won’t be nearly as much fun, but competitive — on the side screens. If you’re watching Vandy/UGA at 4 PM, something’s gone terribly wrong.

#15 LSU v. #5 Auburn – ESPN, 7:00 PM

Texas Tech v. #23 Kansas State – ESPNU, 7:00 PM

The third huge game in the SEC West this Saturday will be in Auburn at 7, meaning there will not be any time to breathe after the Bama/Ole Miss game — and they’ll probably overlap each other a bit. Texas Tech/K-State seems like it will be the best option for a side screen to hold us over should the 3:30 games actually end on time. You can also keep an eye on Michigan/Rutgers (Big Ten Network) just to see if Brady Hoke gets fired on the field if/when Rutgers gets up by 3 TDs.

Arizona State v. #16 USC – FOX, 7:30 PM

Miami (FL) v. Georgia Tech – ESPN2, 7:30 PM

After the way ASU played last Thursday, one would anticipate this game not being close. However, anyone that has watched Pac-12 football this year knows trying to predict it is futile and it is just as likely that USC gets beaten by 20 as it is that they win by 20. Miami heads to Georgia Tech for an ACC Coastal battle as the quest for all 7 teams to go 4-4 in the ACC continues.

#19 Nebraska v. #10 Michigan State – ABC, 8:00 PM

I’m actually very excited about this game. Ameer Abdullah and the Nebraska running game against Michigan State’s defense should be a fantastic battle. I think Sparty wins this, but the Huskers can compete with them.

Utah v. #8 UCLA – ESPN, 10:30 PM

California v. Washington State – Pac-12 Network, 10:30 PM

Initially you’d probably think that Utah/UCLA is the better of these two games, but don’t be fooled. It may be a good game and likely quite entertaining, but Cal/Wazzu could be a CLASSIC. Neither team can play defense. Neither can hold onto a lead in the 4th quarter. The way Cal’s season is going I’m projecting this goes 4 OTs and WSU QB Connor Halliday breaks the record for passing attempts in a single game. Mike Leach is crazy enough to make it happen. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS AND LET THE LATE NIGHT WEIRDNESS COMMENCE.

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