With football fast approaching, let’s remember tailgating should be fun, and shouldn’t result in this

Tailgating should be fun. Get something to eat, enjoy a little to drink — but not too much because you don’t want scenes like this.

Prior to Texas Tech taking on UTEP in El Paso last season in a rare 9 PM local time kickoff, there was a massive brawl at one tailgate near the stadium. With such a late kickoff, there was plenty of time for the consumption of adult beverages at tailgates and for tempers to flare. The incident apparently occurred around 6:30 local time.

As you can see, the initial fight causes multiple other fights which cause even more fights as chaos ensues. According to the El Paso Times, two people were arrested — for outstanding warrants not the brawl — and one person was taken to the hospital with injuries.

(h/t Deadspin)

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