If given a vote, Heisman finalist admits he wouldn't pick himself


While Heisman candidates don't get to actually vote on who will get the coveted trophy, it's always an easy question to ask if they would vote for themselves. While on The Dan Patrick Show, Michigan nominee Jabrill Peppers was asked who he would vote for (if he had a vote) and he admitted that it wouldn't be for himself.

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You can hear his full comments in the video above, but if you want a transcript, here it is:

"Since D-Wat (Watson) won that game (against Louisville), I would probably give him my vote. Whenever you have two Heisman finalists facing one another-it was a very, very good game-but at the end of the day, Deshaun Watson still came away with the victory. That's who I'd definitely give my vote to, even though you can't knock what Lamar Jackson has done."

The other finalist include Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook.

[h/t The Spun]