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Zach Smith Accepts Plea Deal, But Somehow Cannot Stay Off Twitter

It has been two months and a few Ohio State Buckeyes games since Zach Smith last went on a Twitter rant, but the fired assistant coach from college football's biggest offseason storyline was back at it again Tuesday night.

The big news was Smith accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct — a reduction from the original a criminal trespassing charge in Delaware County, Ohio that started the entire offseason fiasco — as long as Smith consented to a three-year civil protection order. All Smith had to do was pay a small fee in fines and court costs and everyone can move forward.

Except, when it was all finished, Smith threw more haymakers at reporter Brett McMurphy, who broke the original story, with a tweet that featured pictures of the court documents.

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The memorandum states Smith, the former OSU Buckeyes wide receivers coach, did not physically harm Courtney Smith, the ex-wife and alleged victim who was at the center of investigation, at any time, so Smith flexed his supposed muscles of innocence for the world to see.

"And YES I am speaking out. YES I am upset. This man reported LIES & hurt my CHILDREN!!  Destroyed my life," Smith posted. "So keep tweeting at me about "unstable".  Come walk in my shoes. Will he respond??  No."

The only thing McMurphy posted was a picture of Courtney Smith's three-year protection order, and that was before Zach Smith went on the two-tweet rant. Nothing has been said by McMurphy since.

Although the ratings, engagements, clicks, and every other statistical measure would go through the roof if McMurphy did have a one-on-one video interview with Zach Smith, something screams this would be a terrible idea.

There is absolutely no way this would stay cool, calm, and collected.

Not after the domestic violence allegations, the statements, the suspensions, the expensive investigation, the fan rallies, the social media rants, the press conferences, the drama, everything.

Ohio State and head coach Urban Meyer have their own issues to deal with on the football field after getting blasted by Purdue and look to move forward from last week.

Zach Smith, on the other hand, doesn't appear ready to move on from the summer just yet.

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