We’re all familiar with the heartwarming story of Jake Olson, the blind kid who made such an impact on the USC Trojans and then-head coach Pete Carroll.

Now, the young man is hoping to actually play for the Trojans.

Olson was a long snapper for his high school football team, and now, he is hoping to take that role on for Trojans.

Olson accepted a Swim With Mike scholarship, which is given to physically challenged athletes, to attend USC and announced his intentions to join the Trojans for the 2015 season, per Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times.

But because Olson accepted the scholarship, NCAA rules count it toward USC’s 85 scholarship spots. The NCAA told Sports Illustrated that per NCAA rules, FBS schools have annual caps of 25 initial counters, which are incoming freshmen and transfers, in conjunction with 85 total scholarships. Because USC has already reached its limit of initial counters for this season, Olson is currently unable to officially join the team.

USC is awaiting a waiver from the NCAA in order for Olson to be cleared, according to Bleacher Report.

Come on NCAA, do the right thing and give Olson a chance to play without it counting toward USC’s scholarship cap.

Blind USC fan waiting clearance from NCAA to be long snapper for Trojans football team

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